Welcome to OpenEyes. We are a not for profit organisation with the sole aim of providing the best electronic medical record solution for eye care which captures the best ideas of design and practice from clinicians. OpenEyes cannot be bought or sold- it is protected by the OpenEyes Foundation to ensure that clinicians can steer its development and have an application that meets their needs. OpenEyes is open. As an Open Source application it is maintained on Github. This ensures that once you have selected OpenEyes as your EMR, you can decide how OpenEyes develops and know that it exists only to provide the best  EMR solution available.

This site provides an overview of our activities and screenshots of the OpenEyes application. We also have a section from members of the Foundation which can be accessed through the Development section.  This provides a forum to discuss the development of new features for OE where we agree on development priorities. We showcase new features on this site- in particular many of the EyeDraw tools that we use to capture, in graphical form ophthalmic conditions. Membership of the Foundation ensures that you can determine the future direction of OpenEyes development  is a benefit of using OpenEyes through our commercial partner, Across Health.

We hope that you find OpenEyes an exciting application. Please select the  contact  item  to arrange an online  demonstration.